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Sold! Fairmean Bike Bag

Peter McKenzie

May 10, 2015
Fairmean Bike Bag - ¥8000

By far the best bike bag available to use in Tokyo. I have used several brands and have always been frustrated with how long it takes to pack your road bike for the train. With the Fairmean bike bag you will be the first to pack your bag every time which means more time in the saddle.

I purchased this bike bag earlier this year for ¥16,500.
Now I am moving back to the States and will no longer have a need for a bike bag.

Fairmean has excellent service. If you have any issues with the bag they stand behind their products and are here in Tokyo.

One benefit to the bag is the durability of the material. Tears are possible, in fact one of the reasons I am selling at a discount although the bag is so new is because there is a very small tear where the fork inserts into place in the bag. I haven't paid to patch the hole because it doesn't tear or get worse. Fairmean said you can pay ¥1000 for a patch but I don't think it's necessary.

This is the most compact bike bag which can fit in your saddle bag or I prefer sticking it in my jersey pocket.

I assure you will not be disappointed in this product. I would be happy to meet you to sell you the bag in person and help you get your bike in your bag.

If you feel confident in the bike bag I can send you the bag via postal if you want to use PayPal or we can just meet in person.

Check out pictures to see how the bag works.
Cash or PayPal only.
Serious buyers only.
Must be picked up or shipped off on November 11,12 or 13th.


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Maximum Pace
Nov 21, 2014
Great bag.

You may want to say what size it is for buyer's info.
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