Oct 15, 2010
I checked the forums briefly to see if the answer was already there, but could not find it. I think this site is great, but was curious about Facebook. Seems like there are two TCC pages on FB, but they have not been updated in ages. Everyone uses FB, so I thought it would be easier to post info, pics etc. there. I guess it was tried and decided against?


Speeding Up
Jul 31, 2007
I used to have a Facebook account but nowadays it's permanently deactivated.

The sense of freedom you get from closing that thing is immense, no longer thinking about status upgrades, no longer checking in to find out what your friend is eating for dinner, no longer exposed to the risk of people tagging you in photos and your wife/girlfriend/mum seeing what you've been up to on a night out ...

I think there's much to be said for keeping things on TCC rather than everything migrating to FB. TCC is a forum by itself and the more things migrate to FB, the less active this forum itself will become. I would see that as a bad thing.


Maximum Pace
Facebook is okay and has its place; I find its handy to keep up with friends and family with whom I wouldn't otherwise stay in touch, and to stay connected with certain colleagues and clients, but, other than that...

In terms of features, presentation, and usability, TCC is pretty much the best community forum I visit, bar none. Message board works flawlessly, the gallery is top-notch, classifieds are handy, etc. etc. Add in the fact that Facebook users are a smaller subset of "the Internet" (definitely not "everybody"), I'm having problems trying to figure a reason to change?

Hmmm. Good time to say thanks again, Thomas!
Sep 2, 2009
Facebook should only really be used for semi-believable, semi-gibberish trolling of family and friends.