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Sep 2, 2009

I have posted here a few times, but I thought it only polite if I introduce myself.

I am Owen, living in Saitama.

Been riding bikes my whole life; had a Specialized S-Works MTB in England (sold now :( ), rode BMX for years (still have my T1 Barcode in Japan with me), and now converting a Mama Chari into a slick single speed with the aim to rapidly convert that into a full on street screamer when I get the money for a full on groupset / road frame.

Worked in bike shops up until I was about 21, so know a fair bit about mechanics (although where I live now, I don't really have the kind LBS I can go to when I need to fiddle with expensive stuff in the back of the shop to see how it all works, so all the latest cool stuff is all new to me)

I ride 30km per day to work, and hit up Tokyo on my BMX / Mama Chari conversion so am getting my fitness back...

Anyway, rambling on a bit; nice to meet you all.

よろしく and all that!
Would love to see that old Mama Chari mate, sounds a right laugh.
Elbow (another Brit in Jappers)
Bloody hell, totally missed this post.

Yeah, the Mama Chari has gone through various mutations, and is still going strong.

Best 6000yen I ever spent! Haha.
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