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Eurosport in Japan


Apr 15, 2007
After reading the Paris-Roubaix thread I realized I hadn't yet posted this neat bit of news. Eurosport is on IPTV in Japan. That means English commentary and more cycling than you can shake a stick at!

You can see the Asia Pacific schedule here (bottom of the three channels)

Eurosport is only available to members of the Australian community, so be sure to make that selection when joining! I originally subscribed with another community selected and it was blacked out but I changed the selection and when I renewed it became available.

They also have Eurosport News in addition to a bunch of overseas channels like Sky News and Australia Network. You can watch on a PC or on TV with the set-top box. I recommend doing the trial first to see the quality. It's overall pretty good quality although sometimes gets a bit blocky on fast moving scenes. Certainly the JSports video is higher quality but I just don't end up as engaged in the race with the Japanese commentators.

Anyway, the link is here. If you feel like signing up and use this link I'll get points for free programs :)

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