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Official Ride Enduro - Getting there...


Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
Technically, this should be in the "Enduro" thread, but I just want to make sure that everyone involved sees it.

After last weeks mishap, I decided I should stick to what I'm good at...
ie. Getting people to the right place, on time (even last week, despite me not being there, everyone made it, right?:eek:uch:)

Check-in time at the course starts from 9:30, but I want to be in Tachikawa by 9:00 so that we can buy our donuts & bananas etc.

To do this, I'll be leaving home at 6:30, and will meet Thomas along the way at 7:00 (Meiji & Rte.14). We'll ride just a bit further (to Yasukuni-dori & Showa-dori) to meet Shinobu-san at around 7:15.

Our next meeting place - for anyone-else who wants to ride out with us - will be Shinjuku station (New South exit - on Rte.20) at 7:30. We can afford a short 10-minute-break there to wait for any stragglers.
We'll roll out of Shinjuku at exactly 7:40, and proceed up Ome-Kaido (Rte.4). 8km (25mins) later, just after 8 o'clock, we'll stop once more at the corner of Kanpachi-dori & Ome-kaido. We won't stop there for long, so anyone wishing to join us there should be ready to roll as soon as you see us... 8:00!

The ride from there is simple enough - follow Rte.4 until it splits to Rte.7 (Itsukaichi-kaido), and follow it straight for the next 15km to Tachikawa.

If anyone has any questions about meeting time & places, please reply!
Yasuhiro and I will probably join you as you blow through Kamishakujii. I think if you are at kanpachi at 8.00 you will be coming past us about 8.10 or so. We will get there a bit earlier anyway and keep an eye out for you! (Yasuhiro is in Germany at the moment on business so I can't confirm this 100% but should be fine, we were planning to leave about the same time.)

Thanks for organising Travis!


thank you for your post.:)
> to all participants
then who will go by bike?
The last meeting point will be Nishi-tachikawa Sta. at 9:15.

I will go to Nishi-tachikawa Sta. (西立川駅) at 9:15 by rinko.
もちろん 輪行です。




Six so far!

Thanks to the guys (gals) who've replied.

>Elvis: It was good seeing you at Nalsima the other week! Also, I got your PM - The same place as last time is no problem, so we'll see you there at around 7:10. (Or, if you want to head towards Showa-dori, you can wait with Shinobu-san, and we'll see you at 7:15 - It's your choice.)

>Thomas: Is 7:00 OK for you?

>Shinobu: いつもと同じ、7:15に靖国通りと昭和通りの交番前でいいでしょう?

>Ash: Thanks for your reply too! A little bit after 8am, just after Kampachi-dori (on Ome-Kaido) should be fine. Looking forward to seeing both you and Yasuhiro there.

That makes 6 of us;
No-one has arranged to meet at Shinjuku, which means we'll probably just blow straight past there, and pick up a few minutes.


There's still time for others to jump in, otherwise, catch the train like normal people:D

There's still time for others to jump in, otherwise, catch the train like normal people:D


I would like to join you! I guess you will take rote14 and I will take rote6.
so can we meet up at the cross(rote6 and rote14: near by Asaksabashi station). it might be better to meet up at the same place as shinobu-san, but I could not fiind it on the map.... sorry:eek:uch:.
Could you tell me the best place to meet up and time please.
PS:please do not go soooooooo first:warau::warau: I am not an iron woman:eek:


Rollin' on the River

Just so you know I haven't forgotten, I'll be taking the Tamagawa bike path to Tachikawa. See y'all at the race!

I go in the Tamagawa bike path:bike:

Nishi Tachikawa st.

I will ride to the station and meet you all there. This is just 20minutes ride to me from my place:)

Let' have a great fun there!!!!:bike::bike::bike::bike:

Minoru Arai

Dunno if you will see this in time but....We will be there at 8am. As you come through Kamishakujii there is a big home center on your right called HOMEPIC, you cant miss it. We will be waiting just beyond that. If you are there before 8am for any reason please dont leave without us! we will be there girigiri i think!! You know my keitai if you need to call.

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