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Endurance Testing on the 8th


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2009
Due to an unforeseen, sudden trip to Germany I won't be able to attend my cut-off testing, or 全身持久力測定 in Japanese, at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. I think Tim recommended it before, and according from the difficulty it takes to get reservations, it's in general really popular. Basically you get the full testing package with lactate threshold, peak power, etc. Plus, a sports physiologist will explain the results to you afterwards (in Japanese).
It takes weeks or months to get an reservation, but since I won't be in Japan next Tuesday, somebody else could go in my place. All you have to do is be there 17:30 on the 8th, bring some gym clothes, pay 1650Yen at the ticket counter and tell them you are taking it instead of me.

Some more information on their homepage:

Please PM, if you are interested...


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
By the way - they should have larger gas mask now. I nearly died when I took the test cause the mask was too small and clamped my nose making it hard to breathe. After that - they said they would order larger size masks to accomodate people with larger, er, noses. hehe! So - if you go, make sure you ask about this - if you need it anyway. Also - the ergometer will accept SPD cleat. And you could bring in your own pedals, if you want. Lastly, there is no real warm-up facility except the Gym adjacent - if you have membership or can get 1x pass - its good idea to warm up before this test. It is a 100% failure test conducted on real medical equipment and attended by a real sports physician. Amazing opportunity!
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