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End of month, time to visit the bike shop

adventurous cyclist

turtle speed cyclist
May 16, 2019
It was 6:00 p.m. and getting dark so I decided to stop by this bicycle shop that I saw earlier this month and walked in there and the guy was smiling and working on a new bicycle and I talked to him and he says to me hey do you speak French and I said no man I don't speak French and so he spoke English and we got along pretty well and I said you know I need a rear light on my bicycle. He then went out to inspect the bike and came back and he messed around with his cabinet to see what he had in there and he was able to find the right parts for it and the rear IMG_20221031_093104.jpgIMG_20221029_153050.jpgIMG_20221028_180312.jpglight also and I told him I was just looking because I didn't have any money on me but he was pretty persistent and really trying to help me out and and I said well do you accept credit cards and he said yeah no problem so I looked in my wallet and I said oh my goodness no credit cards with me so I told him I'll go through 7-Eleven and get some money and I'll leave my bike there and go ahead and install it so that's my story I got a new rear light and I'm pretty happy with it here's a couple pictures.
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