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Half Fast end-August theatre and fireworks trip

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May 22, 2007
Hi bikers. Here's some background to the message below.

1. Half-Fast stalwart Brian is recovering from a fight with a traffic guard-rail and can't ride for a while.
2. Brian's daughter Aki is a very talented actress with Japanese theatre company SCOT, who are based in the remote village of Toga, in Toyama Prefecture.
3. Each year SCOT holds a live theatre festival in their little village.
4. This year, we're going to go.

Now here's Brian


Aki will be performing at the SCOT (Suzuki Company Of Toga) summer festival in August.

It is a pretty half-day bike ride from Toyama city to Toga, a small, tonari-no-totoro village in the hills of Toyama Prefecture. It is almost all uphill, some of it steep, but anyone who has done the Norikura Challenge should be able to do it. Once out of town the traffic is low or almost non-existent and the road is mostly in the shade.

Although it is unlikely my pelvis will allow me to ride this year, I did it a couple of years ago. This year Mike or one of his Junior Benevolent Dictatorial Assistants will lead the ride. We plan to leave Tokyo Friday night, Aug 30, spend the night at a business hotel in Toyama across the street from the station and get a 06.00 a.m. start for the ride up the next morning. See some plays Saturday and Sunday and ride back to Toyama Sunday afternoon. Also in the neighborhood is a Tibetan Buddhist Compound with mandala painted by a Nepalese master several years ago. Quiet place but more steep uphill.

We'll stay at a minshuku a few minutes on foot from the theater. Price to be confirmed, but probably between 7,000 and 10,000 yen

To minimize the load for the ride to Toga, we suggest that you takkyubin a change of clothes, a bottle of wine, etc. to the minshuku and then carry that stuff back to Toyama (almost all down hill) on Sunday.

There will be a spectacular fireworks display as part of Greeting from the Edge of the Earth on Aug 31

Currently SCOT is experimenting with a donation system. To attend the shows, first joint SCOT Club by sending your Name, Address, Telephone number and the performances you would like to attend to Aki (see below). Then please make a donation after (or before) the show to keep SCOT (and live theater) going. You can also send money via bank transfer at any time.

Any questions, more information, contact Brian, Kimiko or Aki (o3-376I-3I8o, briankimikoaki at nifty dot com)

(The titles with * are the ones Aki is in)

Aug. 23 (Fri) 21:30 Mabuta no Haha (Mother of My Dreams)*
Aug. 24 (Sat) 13:00 The Bald Soprano, 16:00 Gya-tei Gya-tei, 20:00 Greetings from the Edge of the Earth*
Aug. 25 (Sun) 10:30 Suzuki Tadashi Q&A, 14:00 Dionysus*

Aug. 30 (Fri) 18:00 Gya-tei Gya-tei, 20:30/22:30 Mabuta no Haha (Mother of my Dreams)*
Aug. 31 (Sat) 11:00 The Bald Soprano, 15:00 Dionysus*, 17:00 Tadashi Suzuki Q&A, 20:00 Greetings from the Edge of the Earth*
Sept. 1 (Sun) 11:00 The Bald Soprano, 14:00 Dionysus*

Aki Sato-Johnson
Tokyo, Japan
akisatojohnson at gmail dot com


Me again. The finer details will be sorted out nearer the time. For now, if you're interested in combining cycling, theatre, fireworks, etc, register your interest QUICKLY with Brian. The festival is popular and the nice hostels will fill up soon.

N.B. it costs around 10,000 yen and 3.5 hours each way between Tokyo and Toyama by express train.


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