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Tokyo Cycling Club
Jun 30, 2013
Email Notifications Usage.

For those of you who have opted to receive Notification Emails for various alerts and updates on the website, we need to point out the following.
The emails you receive are merely to alert you to an event happening on the TCC website, and not the actual event/content itself. We have had a rather high instance of people replying directly to the actual email itself, which does nothing more than send a return message to our notification email account with whatever content is written into the email by the person sending it.
If you wish to reply to content on the website, you need to actually go to the website, use the website interface and reply directly in the thread.

Also, and perhaps more importantly, we have had a number of people doing the same thing when they have received notification of a private message. This is a self-inflicted breach of your own privacy and we are sure you would prefer to keep whatever you are talking about in the private conversation, well, private, so again, if you want to reply to something said in a private conversation, you need to go into the conversation itself, and reply there.

So, please stop replying directly to the Notification Emails. That is not how it works!

Thanks a lot
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