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eliminate arch cramps, sleepy toes


Dec 5, 2007
Hi everyone. Sorry, i have been really busy lately but I'm back with some helpful tips for those that enjoyed my last tips on hill climbing and pedaling economy.

Are there any out there that suffer from foot cramps and/or toes that fall asleep or hurt after a ride? well lets look at the possibillities and how to alleviate if not illiminate the problem.

Sore arch:

Usually a sore arch or arch cramps are due to old shoes that are not stiff enough in the sole anymore. this creates flex and tires the arch prematurely. So this is something to check but not the first. The first thing is to verify your electrolyte intake. the first part of your body to be affected by a lack of electrolyte deficiancy is the underfoot. If after verifying both these issues your cramps persist then one should look at your arch and consider inner sole arch supports or even orthotics.

NOTE: this is compounded by a pedaling style where one pushes the toes into the soul of the shoe (most cyclists are guilty of this) therefore, by using correct pedaling technique and pushing the heel down through the stroke you also should focus on pointing your toes up. This creates more power, stretches the arch and removes preasure on the toes. If your toes still fall asleep, check to make sure the toe box section is not too tght. Many high end companies like Sidi have different widths available.

Until next time :)
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