Edogawa/Tonegawa loop

Last week didn't pan out because of the weather but this week is looking really good. I'm gonna try for a Edogawa-Tonegawa loop this thursday, if anyone in interested in joining me. Also I am free friday to do it but it looks like it will be 10 degrees colder:mad:

If anyone is interested the meet place is the locks on the Arakawa cycling road just north of Kanana-dori. Meet at 8, leave by 8:15. Looking for a 25-30 k/m pace and round trip is about 130ish KM. There are pretty much no convenience stores along the way so come prepared. At about the halfway mark there is a Castle with a nice little restaurant for lunch.

Route: http://j.mp/iC83jc

meeting place: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=213688271850077768942.0004b24f85b08f95bbbf5&msa=0


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
This is an awesome LSD or pace ride --- but the day is hard for alot of us <working men>. So - in any case - DO THIS!! Regardless rain/ sun / etc. Fixed gear at 48 /18 max. Since I have absconded your geared bike <and put the battery in the freezer> you have no choice!

AND - no lunch! You can rehydrate as required, but if you touch the ramen--- back to ZERO!
Waahhhh no lunch...... Well I can do it, but I will at least make the option available for anyone else who joins the ride. I know weekdays are almost impossible for most people but until next month I only get Thursday and Friday off :(

And I was wondering what happened to that bike! We had to fill the display space and now we have some stupid antares bike that apparently was shown in a Drama series on display... It's ugly and has a kids seat attached to it. Have you gotten an answer from Y's about selling your wheels?
Jan 14, 2007
I'll be available on the 22nd to do the triangle (Noda-Sekiyado-Tone ) as it's one of my regular rides anyway. However I haven't ridden for ages and probably not able to ride at a fast pace. If you ride then as well let me know. (Or 23rd ).


Speeding Up
Nov 30, 2010
Same as Phil... Can't take a day off this week:(

Instead I did a solo FG ride last night (10PM-12PM), but only rode the downstream portion. Hope you'll enjoy the headwind in this season riding upstream!!