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Edge 500 glitch -- info/help?


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Jul 26, 2008
Take a look: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/39951600

I was out yesterday a.m. on my old bike, meandering slow thru town. After about an hour I heard what I thought was going to be a regular 5km beep from the Edge (for a lap/split), but then it just kept on beeping. I was in an open area (little chance for signal interference). I stopped and wondered what to do...

I've only had this unit for 5-6 weeks, and apart from some initial settings, have otherwise left it in default setup mode. I wasn't sure what it was doing, nor what button or button-combination to try. So I tried a few anyway, thinking it might at least stop beeping. Got that accomplished and then turned it off and on again, and the previous "ride" showed up. I had to look twice to make sure there was no decimal point--the odometer read well over 3000km--which is shown on one of the garmin connect charts (the other total of 105.18km is also wrong, but time seems right). Somehow it seems to have inserted about 15 one-second splits of 69.4km each (well beyond escape velocity! :D ).

I went on home and shut it down, and then it seemed to work normally on this morning's ride. And so I suppose it'll be okay tomorrow and so on.

But what happened--does anyone know, or have any suggestions as to what to do if it goes loopy again?
Electrical interferance will do this.... there was a point on Route 246 that used to play havoc with the Garmins Speed, Cadence unit also if you are near Emergency service stations or railway crossings the wireless signals from them will play havoc with the unit. I think these are actually mentioned in the users manual.

If you are still having issues do a hard reset. Also have you updated the unit to the latest firmware?
Will consider all that. Since I just got the unit (a black one, perhaps newer and more up-to-date?), I haven't bothered to upgrade the firmware.

I've been up and down the same road where the glitch happened and number of times w/o any problem.

It would be nice to be able to salvage the glitch-free portion of the ride for the record, and maybe splice that onto what came after.

Not sure if that's possible...

Thanks for the reply, I guess I'll query Garmin on this.
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