Eco classic at Motegi Apr 11/12


Maximum Pace
Mar 4, 2008
Got the details yesterday.
Anyone else going?
Looks like the 75km road race goes the wrong way around the track.
So there will be more up than down... :mad:


Maximum Pace
Looks like the same course as the 100k but going the other way.
Ah, okay. Same direction as the enduro then. I actually think it's the faster direction--the hill is a lot steeper, but a lot shorter, too, so you can power over it and then recover on the long downhill section.

Still, the hill is where most of the attrition occurs. I usually tried to be near the front of the pack going through the underpass, that way I could lose positions and still be in the group at the top. 'Course, everyone else was trying to do the same thing...