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Article "Eating practices of the best endurance athletes [runners] in the world"


Maximum Pace
Hardest Crash
Jul 26, 2008
While it looks like they're very much in line with pro guidelines (% via carbs and so on), and I'm sure it helps by providing a foundation and support, I'd only cautiously link this to the Kenyans' performance as a group. (They come from only one tribe.)

If I ate like an Ashkenazi Jew, it would be foolish to conclude that I'd live a long time.


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2012
The things that stood out for me were:

• Ave. body weight = 58.6 kg
• Height range 170-180 cm
That's a similar height to me but minus about 10 kg.. These guys must be not only lean but have small frames as well. In this way they are genetic freaks like saibot, which is obviously not learnable (or desirable).
• No dietary supplements at all
Throw the pills away.
• Running every day, but only 1.2 hours/day
Consistency beats volume
• Only 33% of running is quality/fast running
So take it easy, mostly, but go hard for a bit daily.
• 2/3rds of protein from plants
Something something vegan diet.
• Eating within 1 hour after workout
Always have something on hand when getting home after training to replenish glycogen levels in muscle.
• 76.5% of calories from carbs
• 5 meals-a-day
Always refueling.

Interesting they do their main workout on an empty stomach.

I need to give my stomach a banana to placate the hunger pangs or running is no fun. Anything too heavy though and I get a stitch.


Maximum Pace
Sep 13, 2010
Don`t forget that one week`s training is only indicative of...that week. To quote Stevie Ray Vaughan, it`s bout where you`re coming from and where you`re trying to get to.

My takeaway is the complete absence of any modern processed food products or drinks. And the other thing, Kenya is famous for it`s either minimal or complete lack of out-of-competition testing...sorry to be negative, but this is the modern world.
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