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Easy Ride up Tamagawa Josui


Nov 2, 2009
I will be going for a ride up Tamagawa Josui from Mitaka Station on the Chuo Line to the headwaters at Hamura and back to Mitaka. The ride is about 60 km. This will be an easy ride at speed of the slowest rider. It is a good ride for beginners and kids because it is nearly flat all the way. There are also lots of places you can cut your ride short and take a train home if you can't do the whole ride. For most of the way there isn't much traffic.

Departure time is 9 am from the north exit of Mitaka Station. If you are interested please let me know. (banken99 (at) gmail.com) or 080-5456-1919. For route details check out http://www.perdiddle.net/articles/tamagawa_josui_route.php). There is no map but the route is described in detail.

The headwaters at the western end of the Tama River Cycling Road so the really ambition can take the Tama River route home if they like.

Canceled in the event of rain.

3月21日、午前9時、三鷹駅から羽村までの初心者ライド。60kmぐらいですけどゆくりなペースで走ります。ルートの詳細はhttp://www.perdiddle.net/articles/tamagawa_josui_route.php (英語のみ)


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