Ride Early Sunday Ride - July 22


Maximum Pace
Dec 8, 2014
This is probably going to be too early for most people but if you're willing to sacrifice some sleep to beat the heat, see the sun rise and get back home in time to enjoy a full Sunday off, then you're more than welcome to come along. There's a fair amount of climbing, with two relatively steep climbs, and it's gonna be plenty hot so we'll make regular stops at conbinis for water refills along the way. We should be back at Y's Road by 10 am. If you'd like to come then post below, otherwise I won't be at the meeting point.

Meeting Place: Y's Road Fuchu
Meeting Time: 4:00 am, Sunday July 22
Distance: ~110km
Climbing: ~2000m
Bring plenty of water, it's gonna be hot, some snacks, spares, etc. If you have navi then it's probably a good idea to load up the map:
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