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Early Christmas...


Maximum Pace
Sep 1, 2007
So, I'd been looking to get a second bike that was more racing oriented than the trusty Sequoia, and had been eyeing the Pedal Force bikes as a cheap way to get into carbon.

Quite by chance, a few days ago I ran across an ad on gaijinpot for a used 58cm QS2, posted by a bloke up the road in Kashiwa. A few emails and one car journey later, and I'm the happy owner of a new bike...

It needs a little pimping, but as a canvas on which to lavish upgrades, it's pretty much perfect.

Keen observers will note that it is "carbon black", which, as AlanW once pointed out, is a fast color. Tests have yet to confirm this, but I'm working on it... :bike:
Stealth bike

Dude, that's a score, Phil. Well done and congratulations!
Stealth bike indeed! Very nice, I like it. That blue bartape is a nice contrast too. What kind of gears?
What kind of gears?

It's a bit of a hodge-podge right now; 105 brifters and FD, Ultegra RD and Ultegra-level crank (R700 I think). Haven't check yet, but it looks like a 12-27 at the back and the compact is a 34x50. That seems like the ideal set-up for me; if I'm going fast enough to spin out at 50x12, I'm probably not wanting to pedal anyway :D
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