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dutch cyclist!


Mar 15, 2009
Dear cyclists,

I'm Harm from Amsterdam. I arrived a week ago and found your nice club on the internet. I'm a cyclist in Holland and love to cycle. Normally, I try to train 3 times a week. The coming three months I'll stay in Tokyo, I'm here for work.

I wonder, is there a place where I can rent a (race)bike for three months and join you for rides in and around Tokyo? Do you have a place where you come together? I'm looking forward to meet other cyclists and have making nice rides.

If you have some advice, please let me know. My email address is [email protected]

Cheers Harm
Harm welcom to this site.

I'm afraid it'll be rather hard to find any at rental bike shops at reasonable prices in Tokyo. I guess one of the reason why they are expensive will be rental bike shops here are intended users to shooting videos, photos or movies with bike. :(On the other hand, there are buy and sell bike shops here too. It'll be rather easier to buy second hand bike and sell it when you leave.:D
Also you can find more suitable advises among threads here on this web.
Hope this works.

You can show up at whichever among our official and unofficial activities thrown to this web. You are all welcome to join.

Enjoy riding here!
Hi Massa,

Thanks for your respond. I'll take a look at the shop and ask them about the buy and selling options.
When i'll have a bike I defenitely join for some nice rides.

cheers harm
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