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Speeding Up
Dec 4, 2008
so the wife decided that my 9 year old son needed a new bicycle……of course she went straight to the supermarket rather than a bike shop…..for ichiman he now has a fine mamachari……only problem is, it's too bloody big. can only just get full leg extension when in the saddle…..which is an armchair variety. so I reasoned that if the saddle were say 1.5" deep rather than 3" (seat post at lowest point now), it would be better for him

make sense?

or I imagined some kind of pedal spacer, that slips over each pedal and increases its thickness

taking the bike back doesn't appear to be an option


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2012
Get some clipless pedals, cycling shoes, cleats, and about one-hundred 1-mm cleat shims.

Or let him grow into it?
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