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DRZ shoes


Maximum Pace
Oct 14, 2007

Interesting 'Vans'-like shoes, SPD compatible. They get good reviews, though they are by no means a replacement for stiffer shoes. But for city folks they might be just the ticket.



Speeding Up
Jun 9, 2011
they have these at blue lug. they didn't have my size the last time i was there otherwise i'd have a review for you. i can tell you they aren't as narrow in the forefoot as the chrome clipless shoes.


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
I've got a pair of Answer's and a pair of Lake's. Both very similar.

Plus points - somewhat better looking than standard cycling shoes - if you're into 'the style' or whatever. A little more flexible and walkable. They are pretty decent board shoes, as well, if you use them without the cleats.

Negative points - any kind of rain turned them into sodden , heavy messes that takes days to dry out. Not that great as a cycling shoe. Limited cleat compatibility. Heavy.

At the end of the day - I just have cycling shoes for cycling and board shoes for boarding or whatever. There are some really nice looking casual cycling shoes, but if you are going for the true fixie look - then you don't need cleats. And if you're a messenger, then you'll be much better off with cyclocross type shoes and Time ATAC's anyway.

The Quoc Pham's are the nicest I've seen .. don't know if anyone sells them in Japan, though. http://www.quocpham.com/


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Or you can go old skool and get a Shimano SPD mount plate and then insert them in to the shoe of your choice.

Used to do this many moons ago.Airwalk Ones were the best shoe for that mod.
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