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Don't forget the sunblock.


Oct 12, 2022
hi im just 21yo and reading this makes me fear
i will bikepack for 6 months across japan and backpack for 18 months across se asia. i’ll be 247 under the sun, also much time at the beach

i’m german but have a darker skin tone, i’m not pale white, but i’m still white

at beaches etc i use 20 degree sun creme for the first days, and after that none sun creme

So, for my trips now, should I use this sunblocker thing??? what can you guys recommend me? i’m very frightened

thank you very much!!🙏🇩🇪


Maximum Pace
Aug 28, 2012
Spend a lot less time at the beach.

Keep most of yourself covered.

Slather your exposed areas with the most powerful sunblock that you can find. In Japan, this is normally what has the conspicuous description "SPF50+ PA++++"; outside Japan (and possibly within Japan, if you know where to look), it can be stronger. No doubt Wikipedia explains what the numbers and pluses mean.

At 21, you are a pale human grape. Even if you avoid acute medical problems, if you sunbathe, by the time you're in your fifties you'll be a somewhat darker, wrinkly human raisin.


Maximum Pace
Feb 7, 2011
not sure, but it's been like that since I am aware of it really. at least 2-3 years I think... the dermatologist said it's most likely nothing to worry about, but he couldn't 100% guarantee it based just on outside inspection. so he agreed to take it off and send for proper analysis just to make sure
Glad you got it taken care of. Peace of mind is worth the money.


Maximum Pace
Jan 13, 2015
so this evening turned out the mole I got cut off the other day was benign after all, and everything looks good. I thought that called for a bit of a celebration and have spread my wings a bit. getting pretty close to a full spread now, at the tender age of 40 ;)

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