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Don't do group rides in Belgium


Speeding Up
Jan 30, 2011
well I kinda have to agree with the government with that one... Its great having large ride groups like that but without proper organization it is dangerous. Not to mention it is kinda selfish to take the whole road from everyone. If they perhaps made it a scheduled event where the local police knew about it, maybe they could assign a car or two to clear the path ahead or something. Back in Seattle its very easy to get police cooperation with those kind of events.


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
Our club has a rule not to ride in a group of more than 6. We will split into 2 or more groups depending on how many turn up and always leave a big enough gap between the 2 groups for cars to leap frog us.

Our Tuesday/Thursday night groups though have gotten out of hand as we have another team turn up with as many as 8 riders and they don't split.
We end up with 12 or so riding like crazy at race speed in the dark. I have been dropping out on the 1st or 2nd lap at the dangerous zone, because they are going to kill somebody sooner or later.

A lot of our guys don't go to those trainings anymore because they became too dangerous.

We are trying to convince these new guys to follow our method.


Dec 1, 2010
It's about the group late Wouter Weylandt was often riding in, the Scheldepeloton.
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