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Don't call it a comeback

Paul Benjamin

Aug 27, 2010
Well you probably can...

British photographer, near Machida

I was a cycling child, progressing from the back of a tandem on kiddie cranks, to riding track and TT as a juvenile. I drifted away from the sport when I went to uni and have ben off the bike for almost 10 years now.

Got bullied into picking up a machine to accompany my girlfriend on little poodling rides and I'm considering getting back into riding shape too.

Got a 'deal' on 7-man hack bike from Tokyo hands of all places, cro-moly frame and the usual shimano drecky group set, don't even ask about the wheels. I figure it'll do for now and much like the wind a slow bike helps you train...

I'm going to see how the body holds up to gentle rides over the next month or so (shredded my meniscus wrestling in 2007) then hopefully join you guys on some club runs, so long as you promise to wait for me at the lunch stop...

Now to work out this whole having more than 1 gear thing...


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Welcome Paul, always nice to see another Brit in the community. I'm just down the road (Route 16) at Tsurugamine.


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
Great! I gave up cycling more than 2 decades ago (love that word now, decade) and 'came back' more or less. Since I'm basically senile and lost most of my peripheral motor functions, 1 gear is still fine. Cheers! TCC is a great crew to ride with, welcome.
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