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Done with light wheelsets. 36 spokes for me now...


Maximum Pace
Sep 1, 2007
Was on the way back from a morning ride today (beautiful weather!) and stood to muscle up a short but very sharp hill when I heard a loud "ping" from the back of the bike.

Got off, checked the rear wheel and sure enough there was the broken spoke. I'd bought these Eastons to replace a Shimano wheelset on which I'd broken a spoke after about 3000 km. With their deeper rims, 28 steel spokes and better reputation, I'd hoped the Eastons would last longer. I suppose they did, by a few 100km.

Been wanting to build a custom set of wheels for a while, on Ultegra or DT hubs with 36 3X spokes at the back. Guess it's time.

I'd gone to the bike shop, by the way, to find a new seatpost collar for the Ridley, as the stock one had snapped under very modest torque.

Anyone else go through bike parts like tissue paper? I don't know how you guys with just one bike stay on the road... :)
I use my old,heavy or cheap parts for training and only put the expensive stuff on about 2 weeks before a race.
Aksium wheels are good value...
Don't have that kind of power to shred bike bits
I agree completely. Light ain't right. I cringe when I see those wheels with what looks like 12 spokes. My Ritchey came with R 32 hubs and I kept having to tweak them back into true.
SO I got some D Ace-Mavic-DT [ BRASS nipples and straight gauge spokes ] 36 brand new custom build on eBay for 300 bucks ! They are bombproof. I don't know how they can sell em so cheep. I don't think 300 $ covers the cost of the parts even.
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