Doin Circles


Speeding Up
Jul 23, 2011
Chiba City
Got up on the first train (again) to hit the Emperor's Castle near Tokyo Station.

By the time I got there and was ready (sun tan lotioned, in my cycling gear) it was about 6:30.

Suica Lockers in Tokyo Station are cool- use your Suica to pay and when you come back you use your Suica to open it.

Again no probs in Keiyo Line w/my bike.

Back to the ride- well at first I tried the sidewalk but too many runners and you can't go fast up there.

Next the street. Well I didn't really like that either- too many signals (and yes I stop for them, think I'm about the only one who was).

Two cars came about 10 cm from me, one bein a taxi. Either they are very good drivers or crappy ones.

At the expressway entrance you gotta cross over 2 lanes to stay on the normal street.

The 'hill' was good prac for flat landers like me.

Found out once that I dropped my chain to the granny up front, my gears weren't the same after.

Think I have em fixed now (after I got home) but with my gear prob and the 1 hour trip home I decided to call it a day at 9 (was supposed to be real hot today).

For people that live in Tokyo the Palace it may be good but I'd rather hit the streets between my house and Minami Funabashi, do Arakawa or Edogawa (so I probably won't be goin back).

52.2 km, 24.7 kph Av (includin stoppin for lights), 2:06:43 ridin time.