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Does anyone ride MTB here?


Oct 9, 2010
I see a lot of threads on road riding etc. I am looking for some people to ride MTB with. Does anyone here ride MTB?
A lot of us do, but not as much as we'd like to.

Road bikes are easy... just ride from home to where ever..

MTBS often need a little more planning...

I haven't used mine at all this year... :warau:

There is a good MTB race in Noda city December 5th

I am not really thinking about races just some out of the city off the concrete type casual rides.
I also ride XC MTB and I'm lucky enough to have some great fire roads and single track 5 minutes from my doorstep here in Yokohama.

Will probably ride XC more once my season is over.
map \ gps track pls

Can you give details as of where those roads and single track is ?
I am less then 3 month in Yokohama (Bluff area)... and also in search of MTB \ downhill trails.
I've seen a guy in full face helmet and armor near the Homes\OK and since then wondering where he was riding
So far I found 2 places to downhill
FujiPanorama (http://www.fujimipanorama.com/summer/) and FujiTen (fujiten.net)
been @ first on , not impressed (I am spoiled by keystone, CO)
and it's cash only
BTW there is a 2010 demo there this weekend (http://yinternational.heteml.jp/ys-mtb/2010/09/post-20.html)
if google transalte toolbar did it work right
If any of you guys fancy a ride, get in touch. I would be more than happy to travel.

I don't ride DH.....I'm one of those sick bastards that needs to ride up before I can allow myself the pleasure of riding down!

The trails have short technical descents so nothing a downhiller would be interested in..... and I live out near route 45 so you need to either catch the train up or drive.
I am the same. There is no going down without riding up first. I will drop you a PM soon.
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