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Do you have an (old) bike you don't use at the moment?


Mar 15, 2009
Hi cyclists!

I posted a message a couple of months ago to ask where I could rent a road bike. it is pretty hard and I didn't find a shop yet. I met Thomas today in Hibiya and he advised me to post a message on the website.
Does someone maybe has an (old) road bike I can rent for a weekend or a couple of days. I will pay some money as well.
I'm 1.80 meter, so a frame size somewhere around 57 cm is my size.
Tomorrow i'm gonna try to rent a mtb but nothing can beat a road bike :cool:

Enjoy your rides!!! The 8 day track seems extremely nice!

Hi Harm, great meeting you today! I do hope that someone will be so kind as to lend you a roadbike during your stay in Tokyo. Perhaps you should also post your preferred frame size. Good luck and hope to see you soon again! :)
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