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Do you cycle in the morning or evening?


Jul 7, 2007
I have been unfortunate the past year of not being able to consistently train on my bicycle. Finding time seems to be a pain. I commute approximately an hour 15 to work and come home around 9 pm. Weekends are just not possible as i need to look after the little ones (wife works weekends). Considering my situation, would you do an hour of cycling in the morning or evening?

Is commuting an option for you ?

Morning for me. Up before the larks, and a brisk ride before breakfast. Ride early enough, and it's like you have magically added riding time to your day's schedule.

Leave at 4, home by 6.

Caveats are that you need good lights, and one must meander through ranks of unpredictable old folks, out fighting the 'metabol'.
mornings only

I go out early, 6 at the latest, usually by 5:30. About 30km when I'm working, these days since school's done usually something over 40.
Is commuting an option for you ?


Nope. I take the rapid train to work and it takes an hour (that's how far it is). Also, there's no shower room at the office or anywhere nearby.

I also live in Funabashi and often commute in to Tokyo (Toyosu) by bike. It takes me about an hour by train, hour 15 on bike plus 30 min cooling down/changing at work--after I got in shape. When I ride to Tokyo Sta, it takes an extra 20 to 30 min depending on how brave I am in traffic.

The trains aren't necessarily as fast as you might think, depending on how many times you transfer.

One thing I've considered, though haven't done yet, is take my bike on the train in the morning (though I don't commute during rush) and biking back when it isn't 6 million degrees out.

All that said though... I think I'm going to give up cycling to work until the heat drops below 85 again.
Got into the habit of cycling at least four times a week after work until the engine blew up in June. Besides, a moontan's healthier.
looks like mornings are your best choice. Get up with lights and you can go hard out for say 45 mins out hard and 45mins back harder with the last 5 as a cool down. Try and give yourself a bit of time between showering and having to rush out the door. The bike home after bagging your bike in the morning is an option if ou can get in before the rush, do you have flexi time? Otherwise real early on a weekend day but that usually tuckers me out and I try to be fresh for the kids cause they wear me out more. If they are young enough that you can grab a family nap it might work.
My preference was mornings on a road parallel to a river, watch out for snakes sunning themselves in the first morning rays if you get out in the country a bit.
Thanks for the input so far.

Mornings could be an ideal choice considering the situation. Though I can spare only about an hour for it (30 out and 30 back). If I get that into my routine, it could work. Although in winter i may need to stuff my body with warmers.
In Funabashi, like many others, we've got 2-lane roads so i gotta be extra careful from being sideswiped.
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