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I missed the bear...

Yes, honestly, I missed the bloody bear, and I only counted 12 passes! One-track mind on a dedicated sub-routine and all that. Getting old.

An interesting ad, though!
Very good!

I couldn't keep count of the passes and then after when asked if I'd seen the bear,I thought what bear!

Japanese drivers & mama-chari riders...
Did you know that "Hula-Hoops" were banned in Japan in the 1950's because drivers (who were supposed to be watching the road) were constantly gazing out of their side windows at hip-swiggling children, and driving into the cars in front of them?

Who the hell is looking for "bears" when you need to be watching out for cars?
This test is designed to find people who are only looking for what they are "told to look for"!

To anyone who saw the "bear", I would ask you to sell your bicycle immediately, because you will end up being a driver/cyclist hazard to others who are actually "WATCHING WHERE THEY ARE GOING!!!".
Watching the ball is the same as watching the cars around you.
Seeing the bear, is like staring into a shop-window just before you run into the back of a taxi!

In each situation, there is credit to "Seeing the bear".
But when one is riding, "Watching the ball" is what will keep you alive.
But if you just watch where you are supposed to be watching a bear may dance in front of you.

Then you will have been watching close enough to hit your brakes in time!
People who don't watch never hit the brakes.
Hula Hoopin'

Boy has this thread degenerated fast. What I've read (only on the Internet so it's
probably less than half true) is that Japan banned the Hoop for fear of mass
wantonness and resulting loss of general decorum.

Anyway, I think Travis' problem with the Test is that Koalas don't moonwalk,
and in fact aren't real bears, or even carnivores.

Check your information!

Strange Laws and Customs

* In China's Beijing city it is an offence for a driver to stop at a pedestrian crossing. Halting to let a pedestrian cross is punishable with a fine – I don't know why either. Mind you, it's better than the old days. In 1920's Beijing, the penalty for speeding was beheading…………..and sticking with the Liberal Democrats, drunk drivers in El Salvador face death by a firing squad.
* But if a man is convicted of drink driving in Malaysia, his wife is also thrown in the slammer for co-responsibility.
* In Germany it's an offence to make derogatory signs at other drivers.
* In Vancouver, a law still exists requiring all motorists to carry anchors in their cars, to be used as emergency brakes.
* Until recently it was necessary for women in Lithuania to undergo a gynaecological examination before qualifying for a driving licence.
* Hula Hoops were banned in Japan in the 1950's because they caused so many accidents among motorists craning their necks to watch people using them.
* The size of a speeding fine in Finland is proportional to your income. Spare a thought for Jussi Salonaja, the 27-year-old heir to a sausage empire, who was caught doing 80-kph in a 40-kph zone and fined £120,000, the highest speeding fine ever recorded in the country. The previous record was a mere £50,000 paid by a dot-com entrepreneur.
* In Russel, Kansas, it's against the law to have a musical car horn.
* In Evanstown, Illinois, it's illegal to change any of your clothes inside the car – unless there's a fire.
* Hitchhiking in Colorado can fetch a two-year jail sentence.
* The Czech Republic forbids any person under 1.5 metres tall from travelling in the front seat.
* Sex matters are much more relaxed in Germany. When a man recently appeared in a Cologne court for hitting a road sign at 60 mph while having sex with a hitchhiker, he was merely fined for leaving the scene of the accident.
* It's illegal for a car to backfire in Rutland, Vermont.
* Until recently, the driving test in Egypt consisted of driving 100 metres forward between two cones and then reversing back through them. Wouldn't you just like to meet the person who failed it?
* In a laugh-a-minute Switzerland, you can be prosecuted for washing your car on a Sunday, for not turning off your engine at traffic lights and for leaving your keys in your car – but only if the car door is open.
* In Tremonton, Utah, no woman is allowed to have sex with a man while riding in an ambulance.
* Macedonia is very tough on drink driving. Not only is it illegal for the driver to be over the limit, but even the front seat passenger must not have drunk any alcohol. This means Macedonians on nights out have to nominate both a designated driver and a designated front seat passenger.
* In Tennessee it is illegal to drive while sleeping……………while in Clinton, Oklahoma, it's an offence to 'molest an automobile'.
* And finally…….. in San Francisco, it's illegal to wipe the exterior of your car with used underwear. Unused underwear, however, is fine.

The full report can be seen here:


Right. And when checking info I always go to "Ireland's Premier On-line Car Supermarket."

I think we've all noticed that...
I apologize to all the Irish readers out there for the rude implications!
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