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Do Japan have distributor of BMC bike?


Sep 2, 2009
I always looking for a BMC road bike for my next upgrade target. I do know some of the online seller in the internet from oversea but those shipping fee just huge.

I saw some BMC bike on the road in Tokyo actually (but they went fast :warau:), but when I tried to go BMC webpage and found no Japan distributor. Do anyone know which shop in Tokyo are selling BMC road bike?

Was it ridden by a westerner?

Well right now the pound sterling is crap, wiggle does free shipping to Japan.... so go figure! :D
Saw a guy out on a BMC yesterday. He was Japanese and didn't really speak much English, so the chances are likely he would have bought it here. If I see him again (he was in my LBS), I will ask him for you.
Thanks all. I used wiggle a lot before but they have this statement in shipping policy

Free delivery is available on all orders excluding bikes, frames and indoor trainers (trainers can now be shipped overseas and at the same cost as a bike).

So I am out of luck here. Also they only have one frame of BMC...... that no way to buy from they even I am willing to pay.

Keep searching......
Laz..... very strange as one of the Positivo guys bought that exact frame only last week and had it shipped to Japan by Wiggle.
Wiggle doesn't ship bikes for free, but the cost is quite low - I think around 60 pounds or so.

Too bad they seem to have only one size left - but maybe you can ask them whether they have any plans to expand again in the near future.
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