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DIY Wheels Lacing Jig


Sep 2, 2009
As in all of your other 'A-Team' threads, Stu, I massively salute you and really love everything you are doing.

Genuinely makes me happy to see stuff like this, with photos to show your progress.

Well done, that man, and I mean that very sincerely.

Take this design, use Tim's input, and run with it.

Whenever I have laced hubs, it has always been with BMX wheels, so the spoke length is OK for manual handling. I imagine long spokes to be a pain in the arse to work with, so this is wicked.

Keep working on it, thin it down and make it super efficient.



Maximum Pace
Dec 3, 2010
Next time, how about a modified "t" instead of an X, for three point support instead of four?

Still could be disassembled, and I guess axle/hub support would then not be centered over the base (unless that, too, moved).


You folks are waaayy ahead of me on most everything, so if this is a**-backwards for some reason, please understand....!

To make it three three armed instead of four would not be that hard, but it is certainly more work than four. I'd make a center hub with three slots on each at 0 degree, 120 degree and 240 degree for three arms to be inserted into the hub. I'm also thinking that a thinner arm would be good, and with a slot in it so you could adjust the support legs to any sized wheel. A kind of T-track we use for making jigs to do with woodworking might work.
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This kind of thing.

Tim is also asking for a tilt function, that will be worked into the steel post on the bottom, kind of like a clamp you have on a beach umbrella to tilt the umbrella.


Sep 2, 2009
I'm also thinking that a thinner arm would be good

Absolutely; anything under the rim where you are fiddling around is going to get in the way, so thinning it down in that area is going to be a great help.

A question - Is this rig rotatable? I can envisage myself pulling the wheel around by the frame, in use.

Loving your work, and really looking forward to all updates, no matter how small.

Keep them coming, mate.

I live for this kind of thing!
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