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Tech Di2 Rear Derailleur Cage

Michael Mumford

Jun 5, 2013
I have a Di2 Ultegra rear Derailleur with a short cage on it and want to move up to a 11 - 32 rear cassette. Does anyone know where I could get my hands on a mid-cage so I can swap out the cage vice buying a whole new derailleur. Has anyone done this yet?



Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
I recently ordered the parts myself from Amazon. I am told the Ultegra Di RD main body is identical - the B-screw is all you need for clearing the 32-cog, but if you run a compact crank you may find the total difference in teeth from 52-32 to 34-11 is too much for the short cage to handle - hence replacing the cage. Mid cage parts are -
Amazon productAmazon product
As for fitting them I would recommend watching @D'Pioneer 's excellent video on YouTube (PM him for the link). Planning on doing the change this weekend on an old unit that I had bent the short cage from an incident which snapped my frame...but that's another story!
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