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Sold! Di2 hyrdo disc brake levers, calipers, rotors and di2 parts


Maximum Pace
May 29, 2012
Recently upgraded to the new DuraAce disc brakes so the old parts is up for sale

Perfect kit to get started on bike build for a lot cheaper than new parts.

Shimano R785 Shift Levers
(has a few scratches on them but works flawlessly)
New: ~¥46,000 Asking: ¥20,000

2x Shimano BR-RS806
Front and rear flat mount disc caliper (Recently changed brake pads)
New: ~¥10,000 (For the set) Asking: ¥6,000

2x Shimano RT99-S Center Lock Disc Rotor 160mm
New: ~¥10,000 (For the set) Asking: ¥5,000

Shimano SM-BTR2 di2 internal battery
New: ~¥13,000 Asking: ¥7,000

Shimano - SM-EW90-A Di2 Junction A
New: ~¥8,500 Asking: ¥5,000

Shimano SM-JC40 Junction B (Unused)
(external version, but as long as it fits trough the BB you can use it internally.
New: ~¥2,500 Asking: ¥1,000

I'll provide fresh Shimano brake fluid of you buy the disc brake bits.
If you buy the whole kit I'll can probably give an ever better price. Let me know if you have any questions.



Maximum Pace
May 29, 2012
The Whole kit for ¥40.000 (down from ¥44.000 for the single parts)

(Also a typo, the caliper models are BR-RS805, not 806 which doesn't exist :ashamed:)
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