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Di2 has been successfully hacked.


Speeding Up
Nov 1, 2009
I love it

This was a fasinating story and I feel if you buy the gear, you can do with it as you want. If you develope something that improves on another's product and does not violate copyright, you ought to be able to bring it to market. Happens in the auto industry as soon as a new car comes out.

I am not sure why Shimano did not aggressively go after the mtn bike market with electronic shifting. SRAM has missed an opportunity here too. Assume we will see one of them enter the market soon, but I have not seen any indication of it happening soon.

I hope Shimano is embracing this because all these guys are doing their work for them for free.

Personally I would like to see more competition in this area and price drop as a result, but this is the over priced bicycle market where the consumer never gets a break. Who knows, maybe Sampson will develope his own electronic system and price it reasonably.

Thanks for linking


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009

Old story but a good read. DA - Di2 was hacked about 2 months after it was released but XC Mtb riders.

Actually rather clever hack as it introduces "Intelligent shifting" ie if you shift using the rear mech and the gear is duplicated it will shift the front chain ring also to get the best cadence and gear transfer. A lot the gear ratios are duplicated on triple cranks so this new "Intelligent shifting" is very clever especially for racing.

Very interested to see the wireless version although that could lead to some fun and games if a rival team decides to interfere with your gears :D


Sep 2, 2009
You know me mate, always the last to know about stuff.
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