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Devil's Backbone Mountain Cross... USA


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
Sorry if i am posting in the wrong spot. Since this is not in Japan, I figured General Discussion was best.

I have not moved to Yokohama yet (aug) - so I am home for yet another Devil's Backbone Mountain Cross.

Event Info

Last year, I did the 49 mile race they are no longer running. It was also the weekend of a hurricane. So sideways rain and wind gust above 60kph from the outer bands had us alternating between sunshine and nasty storms. The conditions were so horrible, I pretty much cherish the memory of the ride - because I believe it to be a once in a lifetime. It is the only event I have quit in my life. By mile 27, I was exhausted and cramping. The first Cat1 climb... 3 miles at a 21% grade. Devastating to my legs since I live in a flat beach city.

I enter these events just for the fun. I am far from fit enough to even pretend I am racing... however I am often out of my confort zone on these climbs.

The real fun is the party afterwards. Devil's Backbone Brewery sponsors the event and makes for a great time!

Are there similar events I can look forward to that may be somewhat close to Yokohama?

I am looking forward to the move, but I will miss events like this.


Maximum Pace
Oct 25, 2011
Mountain bike trails are not that easy to find. A lot of trails are accessible by invitation only it seems. See this thread:

Having said that, there are plenty of great mountain roads west of Tokyo that are suitable for road bikes. If you like climbing hills, there's definitely no shortage of them. 80% of Japan is mountains.

Welcome to the forum!


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
Thanks for the welcome.

The Mountain Cross is not a mountain bike ride, however a MTB would have a gearing advantage on some of the climbs. I rode my cross bike on it last year and aside from not being gear low enough, it is the bike I am bringing back this year if I make it to the event.

Part of the appeal of this event is the offroad sections. They are beat up fire roads but they afford some beautiful views of the mountains you normally would not see.
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