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Desperately need a FSA M17 fixing screw~!


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Guys and Gals,

I some how managed to lose the M17 fixing Screw that holds the FSA left crank arm on. Now normally I would order a new one and sit back relax and await ones arrival via online shopping but I will be raing on the 23rd and need one this week!

The only other alternative is to buy a new crank! If there is anyone out there that can help I would seriously appreciate the help!
Did you try your LBS yet? Usually it only takes 2-5 days to get parts in when they order for you, providing the distributor has it in stock.
the first one said could take 2 weeks .... I will try the other tomorrow.
Thanks everyone for the kind offers in helping either source a new M17 or offered to lend me similar or a whole crank. Fortunately my LBS managed to get one to me!
If anyone out there needs a FSA QR14 M17 fixing screw let me know, I now have 3 of them!!!!
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