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Damn Rain!


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
Haven't ridden in a week.
Getting phantom hamstring pains as if I have been riding...

Was going to get out just now before the rain started and ride anyway but it started raining before I got ready and now it's raining too hard...had I got out before it started I wouldn't have minded so much.

Can't ride tomorrow either as have other plans...

Not fair...

A few people riding the Edo river as I walked the dogs this morning... I should have got up earlier...

Back to bed with a good book...
i'm with you Peter
curse it to hell, saloperie!!!
I'm with you guys on this one and with Hotaka looming the forecast over the next week doesn't look good. Damn I need to get in some miles! Bloody rain:mad:
I feel your pain. I have very few kilometers in my legs. It's not looking good for Hotaka (if there even is a Hotaka this year!).

Oh, hey, the sun just came out here in Setagaya (11:20 a.m.) I may be able to squeeze in some flat miles -- onekan -- and maybe some hills around Seiseki-sakuragaoka. But I hunger for the mountains!

Went out 630am along Tamagawa, by the time I reached Kunitachi the rain clouds were already looming. Got caught in the rain on the way back and the mass exodus of people on the Tamagawa CR made the ride back tough! Rain and all, and some people occupying the whole cycling road. I think its for an ecowalk or something so all is good but sigh... good thing they didn't use the Kanagawa-side of the river (from Noborito).

Just found some info about the "mass exodus":
The good thing is its only 1 day! So hopefully today (Sun) its back to dodging the "usual stuff" along the Tamagawa CR.
I feel this pain. Earlier this month was nothing short of perfect.

It was still wet here this a.m. so I didn't get out till later. Swam too, but that's for another forum...

Tomorrow's supposed to be wonderful, but the coming week is looking pretty iffy. 40-50% from m-f, but at least that's better than kantou. Might be able to squeeze in a ride or two. If not, the gym has this totally boring stationary bike that I can use before the pool.

MOB and Myself were racing in the King of Endurance today in the down pour..... dedication or madness... not sure which!

I`ve been commuting just about everyday with my bike; I take the train on rainy days. Looks like the train all this week.
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