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Jul 16, 2018
Looking for information on cyclocross racing in Japan. Working on planning a trip over to race this fall. Any information, schedules, locations or anything to do with cyclocross in Japan . I have been racing in Oregon for years and looking to expand racing experience. Thanks Jon B


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Oct 2, 2012
Hi Jon B,
I've only been racing CX here for one season and am not that familiar with all the races, but if you're coming all this way I'm guessing the bigger and badder events are where you want to be. There's not much info around in English, but this site has some general info:
Most race entries open about 1-2 months before the event, and race entry is done online through Sports Entry ( so you would want to familiarize yourself with that web site. Also, many of the bigger, badder races are extremely popular and sell out quickly.

Based on the calendar put out by AJOCC (association of Japanese CX organizers), there are a couple of 2-day events on adjacent weekends that might be a good fit for you.
Nov 10/11: Starlight Cross Makuhari (
Nov 17/18: Super Cross Nobeyama (

Also, the category system starts at C4 and goes up to C1/Elite. There are also masters categories from CM3 up to CM1. Normally, you would be in C4 or CM3 if you want to go masters, unless you are a National Champ or of a similar level and can swing an invite to the C1/Elite level race.
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