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Cyclocross Question


Oct 25, 2010
I had a question for all of you in Tokyo regarding cyclocross. Has the discipline started to gain popularity over there as much as it has in the US?
I'd say no, not at all. In Kanto, there is only one very small series I know of in Saitama. It seems to be a bit more mature in Kansai, with a fair number of races, but nothing compared to, say, the US NE or NW.
Even though my knee(s) are totally not up to this - I'd love to help get a little CX action going. - even impromptu Sunday series at one of the local parks (if we can get away with it). About to start my winter 'meta-phase' and missing CX. I was scoping around Arakawa on the baseball fields there, and it seems there might be some potential to layout some intriguing and challenging courses.
I would say the Tamagawa has some excellent section for Psycho cross.
Thanks for the feedback. I've been e-mailing with Daisuke Yano in Nagano about his cross race. One of my friends from Portland will be racing there- and I was curious about the cross scene in general.

(Also to see if there's a cross race I can race in if I visit my brother!)

Daisuke's race was just awesome, just as good as anything I have seen in Northern California at least, Mud, Beer, Cowbells, Food, Great Venue, Great People! I even Met your Bud Molly! What an Awesome dude! Its happening here in Nagano, not sure about Tokyo though... Guess it is sortofa farmboy sport though, not much mud in TKO. Check out the trailer for the film "Cyclocross Meeting" on youtube by Brian Vernor if you want some footage.

Hey ProRaceMech!

You got to meet Molly! Awesome! Thanks for the link- that looks to be an awesome video. Funny seeing Barry - he sticks out wherever he goes. I think it would be great to get both Ryan and Barry out there too. Ryan's all over the place but he lives in Bend.

I bet there's some places a cross race could be run in TKO - somewhere.

I bet an Arena cross would sell some tickets, It would be a little expensive to put on but I bet with the right marketing and some big name pros you could get a few heads. You could make a "rad" esk helltrack.... call it hellcross tokyo....
Interesting idea. Finding the right promoter would be critical. Sponsors wouldn't be too hard to find. I'd imagine Shimano would be interested among others. Budget would have to be pretty big. I don't know about the European racers but I could definitely help get the US guys over there. I see Ryan Trebon on occasion along with Barry- and through them I could probably get Jeremy Powers and others to come.
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