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CYCLOCROSS coarse location Iida, Southern alps ? SUWAKO RACE TEAM ?S


Maximum Pace
Dec 31, 2009
I am trying to find the coarse map or atleast an address close to the southern alps cyclocross coarse and the coarse they use in Iida. I also want to find the one in Miyada and any near Ina, Nagano to practice for this season. Even if there is no map I just need an address nearby and I can poke around and get an idea from wathching youtube videos of these races.

I also was wondering if anyone knows about SUWAKO race team? Do they have a websight? Are they open to newcomers? Is there someone who is in charge to talk to? I see them in all the cyclocross vids and I am near lake suwa, I think thats where they are based, but all I can find when I input the name in any search engine is race results for pages! Please help!!!
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