Sold! Cycliq Fly6 Rear Light with Built in HD Camera

Adam Cobain

Maximum Pace
Jul 1, 2014
People do the right thing (when they know they’re being watched). That’s the idea behind the new Fly6 Rear Light/Camera by Cycliq. The flashing ring of LEDs around the camera makes it obvious to other road users that they are being recorded.
The Camera/Rear Light offers up to 6 hours runtime. With looping video recording, you never need to worry about replacing SD cards. Incident capture protection will engage to prevent valuable footage from being overwritten.
The Fly6 is shipped with an 8GB microSD class 10 memory card pre-installed, so you can be up and away straight out of the box.


81+uu23ASYL._SL1500_.jpg 81CEH1Q7rQL._SL1500_.jpg 81vymJ589PL._SL1500_.jpg cycliq-fly6-rear-light-with-built-in-hd-camera-incl-8gb-micro-sd-f6b8gb_1.jpg cycliq-fly6-rear-light-with-built-in-hd-camera-incl-8gb-micro-sd-f6b8gb-angle.jpg cycliq-fly6-rear-light-with-built-in-hd-camera-incl-8gb-micro-sd-f6b8gb-side.jpg