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The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
I'd be interested to know what cycling magazines you read on a regular basis. What magazines - Japanese and foreign - have you subscribed to and why do you recommend them?

Thanks for any reply. :)
Usually pick up a copy of Cyclesports each month. Ad-heavy, but has decent articles, listings of upcoming events, ads from local shops. Fewer "How to Pedal" articles than, say, Bicycle Club.

Subscribe to Velonews for good pro cycling coverage, though with a strong N. American focus (lots of US domestic news).
The few issues of the UK version of Cycle Sport I've read have been very good (the US one is okay, too, but the UK is better, IMO.)
Cycling Plus

I have a subscription from the UK. If I visit the UK then ProCycling and Cycling Weekly are also good.


How much does it cost to subscribe to UK mags and have them sent over? How did you do it through?
Cycling Plus

as well. Also like Charles, Cycling Weekly on trips back to the UK.

Subscription to CP is something like 50 quid a year. It's on myfavouritemagazines.com or from the bike radar pages.

Used to read Cycle Sports in Japan but seems a bit thin on content other than products.
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