cycling in Tokyo


Mar 1, 2009
Tsudanuma, Chiba
Re: Cycling in Chiba-ken or Tokyo Area

HI, I am new to cycling and plan to do a triathlon sprint in July. Hope to join some rides and meet other cyclists.:D
Hi AnneB,

My name is Niall, and just joined this forum. I am currently living in England (Brighton), but moving to Chiba-ken in 3 weeks for work. Don't really know the area or many people there, so would really like to get out and about on my bike with people, see the area and make new friends too...

If you are interested or/and know anybody else please drop me a mail and we can plan to meet up for a cycle some weekend soon?

Also I read a blog about a race in April in Kusatsu? Are you going to that one?

I am keen to either do road biking or mountain biking as I have both types of bikes...