Cycling diet and Japanese groceries


Maximum Pace
Oct 14, 2007
Machida, Tokyo
Thanks for that info. In fact, just for the heck of it, I went ahead and ordered this germinator. At that price I won't cry too much if it turns out to be a dud!

By the way, how did the pilgrims germinate the rice? In their pockets? ;) If so, this could be perfect for long :bike: rides ...

@Snoogly - thanks to to the not-so-modern miracle of life, germinating rice is fairly easy. Just wash your rice well and and then let it 'rest' overnight until about 24hr is passed. That's it! If the temp is much below 30 then it just takes longer - less than 20hr and chances are its not yet germinated. Over a couple days and you start making rejuvelac - that's not bad either. So - in every case its a win-win, actually. GBR is awesome. You will feel stronger and cleaner than you ever did.

The old pilgrim method is to let the rice germinate while you are walking. Then prepare a single bowl each day. Chew competely until its liquid in your mouth. Every bite. If you could eat more than a single bowl of rice this way it will be amazing. This will both nurish and cleanse your body. Just try 5 days of this. or even 3days.


Maximum Pace
May 28, 2010
Diet is finally starting to show some progress.

Started at about 87 KG and now I'm down to 84.5.

I think it's starting to get faster now that I'm past the first muscle-building phase, because my waist has been getting progressively smaller despite little change in body weight.

I actually was as low as 83.5 after a night of heavy drinking-induced dehydration last weekend.

Still, I'd probably be a good KG lower if it wasn't for an enkai-induced setback (think I gained 2KG in one day) a few weeks ago. I mean, 2.5 KG in a month is slightly disappointing. At least it is when you consider I've been dieting the same way since last September.

I have gone through about eight bags of cucumbers...hahah


Feb 21, 2011
orange county
I am happy to share with you all my patented "Tuna fish diet"
Step 1: open the can and place in a sunny window.
Step 2: leave uncovered for several days (longer in winter)
Step 3: when it has developed a "fuzzy" coat, eat with mayo

The resulting food poisoning will shed kilos in a matter of days!:eek:

All fads aside:
If your body uses 2,500 cals a day and you eat 2,000 you`ll lose weight
If you eat 3000 cals a day, you`ll gain weight.
Switching from white bread to wholemeal won`t make a noticeable difference to your weight. Does taste better though!
When I make bread I use white flour but add some wheat germ from Kaldi. (Usually chopped dates, cranberries and walnuts too!)
Zenbiker, you hit the nail on the head. People get so caught up in how to lose weight but it all gets back to what you posted.
A book suggestion is "Eat More, Weigh Less," by Dean Ornish MD. A mainstream MD who basically says to eat fruits and vegetables and limit flesh to 4oz. per day. Combining this "diet" with exercize and it is a challenge to eat enough. This type of "diet" has also been proven to stop/reverse some health conditions. Read it...