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Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
Last Thursday afternoon/night I went to a new Cycling Cafe near Ichinoe station... which is not too far from Tokyo Disneyland, Kasai Rinkai Koen and Edogawa cycling path.

It's called Aprico.

A lot of my training buddies are starting to go there often and I recommend it if you are looking for Italian style, bicycles on the wall and a large screen playing live or DVD cycling... cycling cycling....

When you arrive you need to buy a set of tickets.
1000 yen blocks that have 100 yen units.
I started with 2000 yen worth.
Over the night, I had 3 beers, 3 red wines a lot of food, non stop cycling chat, made some new freinds and ended up buying one more 1000 yen block before riding home along the river. A good 4 to 5 hours of entertainment for 3000 yen.

As you order you pay with your tickets. No worries about having enough money at the end as you pay as you go...

May even go again tonight or tomorrow night...but I have a feeling it may be crowded tomorrow.

It's not a huge place. Most stand at the counter and chat to the owner Mr. Mukai as he makes the food and gets the drinks. Seating for small groups.

Take your cycling shoes off at the genkan and put on some slippers so you don't ruin his nice new floor. It's a short walk from Ichinoe station...check out the map on the homepage.

If anybody wants to give it a try I may even come along with you.

Closed Sundays and Mondays... (he has to cycle).

Anybody know some other nice cycling drinking & eating establishments?
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