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Cycling buddies in Yokohama/Yokosuka


Apr 11, 2009
Hi cyclist :bike:,

I have just come across this site. I enjoy cycling to work (25 km round trips) 2-3 times per week and explore the city with my Specialized Dolce Elite during the weekend (avg 50 km). I ride around Tokyo, Yokohama and Yokosuka area. Looking for cycling buddies to explore kanagawa prefecture. I'm planning on to take ferry to Chiba one of the weekend and do Kasumigaura loop. It's a large lake with low traffic and some scenic/waterfront. This will be my first visit to Chiba and not familiar where the ferry terminal is, appreciate anyone to share their experience. Anyone interested to join the Chiba ride or weekend group rides originating from Yokosuka base?

I am unable to commit time to a Chiba ride, but I live in the area and can help with ferry information. The Yokosuka ferry leaves from Kurihama port, which is near the JR Kurihama station. The official "annai" (directions) is:


Daily schedule ("daiya") is:


Fare for bike riders is 1020 yen one way, 1880 yen round trip. The port on the Chiba side is in Kanaya, and the trip across is 30-35 min.

I've taken the family across by car many times for drives through the peninsula, which is beautiful. I've wanted to go for a long ride but, the kids are still a bit too small.

In the last few years, there has been a big group ride - Tour of Chiba - that ran for 3 days during the fall. It covers 350-400 km and thousands participate. Not sure it will happen this year, but past routes may be helpful in picking a route. The site is http://www.tour-de-chiba.jp/.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the thorough information!

I've gone through links given by you, great info. Appreciate your input!:)
No problem. Please at least share your ride schedule if you set one. Perhaps there will be people who can join. I have hoped to join rides (albeit shorter ones) in the Miura peninsula, but have not had a chance yet :(. Still trying, though.
I'm game, well that is if military obligations don't interfere. I ride pretty much everyday and weekend. The Miura loop is a regular training run for me. I don't ride more than 4 hours as I tend to get bored. I can only take so many traffic lights and getting stuck behind buses before I call it quits. I envy the guys on here that ride all day.

Ok let's set a day, time and place. Should we do the Chiba ride or Yokosuka area? Phil/James: by reading your reply, I can say you two are more advance rider than I. If you really want to do a long distance (like more than 80km), one suggestion is to have 2 levels group starting from two different spots and meet in one location then continue with second part of the bike jorney. I'm very familiar in Yokohama area and certainly can lead the ride in this area but not Yokosuka. So, why don't we vote? I'm flexible and open to suggestion. Once we set the date/time/route, I can set up another post for others to join.

Date: 18th or 25th April
Group level: S: 50km above depends on distance I: around 50km
Meeting place: Yokosuka main gate

1. Chiba ride
2. Yokosuka to Yokohama for Senior cyclists and Yokohama for Intermediate riders.
3. Yokosuka area (I would need someone to take the lead)

My first choice would be Yokosuka and Yokohama ride on 18th with 2 level group and Chiba ride on 25th.

I just checked the forecast for Sat AM, and it looks good. What would be the interest for a morning ride - like leaving from outside the base (Yokosuka!) main entrance at 7AM and wrapping up before noon? Route can be discussed. I have some in mind, but would love to see what others do, too.
Yulin - I did not see your post earlier. I am also open for a ride on April 18th, Saturday. The weather looks good for that day.

My preference would be for something like:

Date: April 18, Saturday
Start time: 7AM
End time: Before noon
Meeting place: Yokosuka Base main gate
Distance: 60-80km, depending on time and interest
Route: We can discuss

But others please state preferences, too.
Sorry - to clarify, I can not join a Chiba ride in 4/18 due to time constraints. I was hoping for a Miura-hanto area morning ride. I'll start a new thread to avoid any confusion....
Sure, that sounds like a plan! Instead of starting at 7am, can we begin at 8am? Yokosuka main gate is a good place to meet. I'm in, who else? Once the starting time is confirmed, we should start with new thread with different subject. (Something like "Yokosuka ride - 18 April).
Saturday is a no go for me. Well, unless you want to head out at about 0530. I have plans later in the day so I plan on heading out on a early 2 hour ride. Maybe next weekend would work for me, the Miura loop or shoot out towards Odawara from Yokosuka.

Hey - I got confused and thought the earlier discussion was about a Chiba ride. So, I started a thread for a 4/18 Miura ride, but it can be ignored. Let's just discuss details here.

I'm ok for either 8AM or 5:30AM. Maybe we can see who else wants to ride on 4/18 before setting the time. 4/25 should be ok for me, too, for another Miura ride. Can be discussed later....
Ride Date

The 18th might be good for a Miura ride, but I have an office party that evening. How about the 25th?
Phil Harris - what's your preferred starting time for a 4/18 Miura ride? If 0530, evan06 might be in.

Yulin - can you make 0530???

Anyone else?
5:30am:confused: Zzzz.......but I'm a team player. So I'm in if that's the mojority vote. 2 hrs ride, right?? I can do Miura ride on either dates (18th or 25th). However, I would like to get back to Yokosuka by 2pm on 18th for tennis games.
BTW, I can't access this site during work hrs (8-5 M-F) due to the firewall rule of military network.
Weather forecast is still good for tomorrow. What is the final head count for a ride starting at 0530?
Sorry for the late reply. If its not to wet in the morning I will leave my house by 0530, which should put me by the gate around 0545. If you want to meet at the main gate or Womble it doesn't bother me. Depending on the pace we decide on it should take about 2 to 2.5 hours to complete. I don't want to push longer as I plan on doing about a 4 hour ride on Sunday.

Sounds good. I'll be at the base entrance at 0545 - weather permitting. I'll make sure to post before 0515 if conditions don't work for me. Others, please feel free to do the same.
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