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Cyclecross Tyre for Tamagawa


Maximum Pace
Sep 26, 2011
I enjoying riding the Tamagawa dust roads on my commute recently. I wanted to add a little better grip and get some CX Tires (clinchers), what do you recommend?
- They should still perform reasonable well on the road.
- CX will be dirt road only, so no muddy terrain.

... I was thinking about the classic diamond profile ...

And... where do I get CX tires here in Tokyo at a reasonable price?


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
The best cyclocross tire for last year was the Hutchinson Bulldog Tubeless CX.

However as you aren't riding in mud and only on loose gravel/dust roads with transitions on tarmac then the best tyre is going to have to be the Cross XN Pro by Vittoria.

In regards to purchasing in Tokyo - erm I would suggest online, Im all for supporting local stores but for CX stuff there is a serious vacume and when they do sell it you have to pay a premium.



Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
For real CX I love the Challenge (ex Clement) tubulars. A fraction of the cost of Dugast and hardly indistinguishable. Elsewise - I use the Schwalbe Sammys - which are very similar to the Hutch Bulldogs - except you use them with a tube. For one of my little secrets - you can get quite a few different CX tires at Blue Lug in Hatsudai. They are mainly FG freaks - but a few of the guys are hardcore CX'ers and keep a nice selection in the back. Not bad prices, too. I get a Team / Distributor discount on the Challenge/ Clement - but they are only available to competition riders.
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