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Oct 11, 2009
On the recent Tokyo to Aomori ride I used my PowerTap wheel for the entire ride. With the exception of the hardest day elevationwise (thanks, Garmin) , I captured most of the riding effort.

I would judge my own personal effort to be in the 50%-60% of 'Tempo'. There was alot of pace interruptions and general touring issues like stops at intersections to verify routes, picture taking, etc.

We spent about 7-10hrs each day on the bike. At 'tempo' I'd be riding these days all within 4-6hr. So touring pace is roughly half of tempo pace in my mind.

Here's a summary of the first 3 days consisting of about 500km riding.

Stress 604
KJ 7344
NM 443
CP3 266
CP8 186
CP20 176
CP60 130
CP120 119
CP180 113

This was a very leisurely pace, but steady 150-200km each day. In many ways similar to an LSD series. The above was the first 3days effort - notice the KJ is only 7344! Many people wonder why they don't lose more weight riding every day - well, you might feel hungry, but the reality is that at mid / recovery pace, you really aren't burning that much fuel!

What's really important, though, is building enough power reserve to tackle the bumps. These lie in the CP8-CP20 zone mainly, the small pushes over the hills, etc. So - you need to plan on about 60-70% FTP for these. If you are hitting all the bumps at higher %FTP then the day will get mighty tough as you continually hit your LTHR and generally feel higher fatigue as you cannot recover from the lactic acid cycles.

Training with Power is not only for racing!
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