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Cycle Square

I've been meaning to get myself over there and check it out.

This cafe was featured on a short cycling-related TV program a few weeks ago. At that time, they had complete build-ups of every single team bike used in this years Tour hanging in the window.

In the back of the cafe is a place where you can do some spot maintenance on your bike. Tools provided. Might be nice if you come down with a major mechanical on your way home!

They've also gone so far as to make some bar stools fashioned from frame tubing and bicycle saddles. :eek:I don't know about everyone else, but after spending hours on a small piece of padded leather the last thing I want to do once I get off the bike is sit back down on another saddle while I sip a latte and try to read the newspaper!
I will be curating a show of epemera from the first four cycle messenger world championships at cycle square. It is tenativly running from 17 september to 27 september. It is in conjunction with the cycle messenger world championships. I will post complete info when the dates are firm.
Items shown will include posters ,programs,t-shirts,manifests and packages from the first cycle messenger championships which was first held in Berlin in 1993. It should be a eye opener to the role of the messenger championships in the spread of cycling/street culture as can evidenced in the global dissemination of the fixed gear brand/style.
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