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Cycle shops in Japan that accept Paypal???


Sep 3, 2008

I just found your very nice website and I look forward to meeting some you personally on some upcoming club rides.

I was wondering if anyone knows of some online cycle shops in Japan with good selections that accept Paypal as payment? I have some funds left over in my US Paypal account and instead of going through the hassle of transferring the funds to Japan, I thought I would just use it to buy cycling stuff. Also, using Paypal means the purchases don't show up on the credit card statement that my wife looks at :)

If you know of some good online shops that accept Paypal, the information will be greatly appreciated.

Most companies in Japan have never heard of Paypal so I think your chances will be few...

You could possibly make a Paypal payment to a friend in Japan and have them give you the cash....
You might have better luck buying from a US or UK online shop and getting the goods sent here. I know www.chainreactioncycles.com takes Paypal and will ship stuff internationally - you just have to be careful they don't send it to your registered Paypal address. You won't pay UK VAT (sales tax @ 17.5%) but you may have to pay Japan import duty (something like 5% I believe).
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